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Artistic Director/Executive Producer: Kay Adshead

Powerful passionate committed piece of theatre that if seen widely enough may change hearts and minds. – The Guardian


This is political theatre at its best. – Scotland on Sunday


Political theatre is alive again.  – Evening Standard



A short film written and directed by Kay Adshead. Set in Houston, in the last days before the 2016 US election, a casual encounter on a woman’s journey home, provokes cataclysmic change. A film out of Texas, about white privilege, guilt, and moving forward. It stars Tek Wilson (pictured) and was shot in Houston, with on-set DOP, directed via Zoom. And it will be edited this year and screened.



“Presenting political theatre for many years long before it became fashionable, expect to be put on the spot.”
—Time Out on Mama Quilla’s Bones

 Entering Incomplete Map Data Area  

Written and directed by Kay Adshead, starring Kristyn Koczur. A 15-minute play for one performer.


In a remote Texas wilderness, two good people realise their dream, and build a great ranch house, stunningly reimagined in glass and steel. One night, a young black man (no, woman), bloody and wounded, knocks on their door, and asks for help. But can her story be believed? And when skepticism turns to fearful anger, what will happen to the dream, their marriage, their lives? And who will survive? 


Currently in rehearsal. To be shot as a short film in May in New York. And performed live in New York in 2021/22.



“A magnificent fantastical roar against a world in which half the population is excluded, ignored, derided, mistreated.” — One World, on Mama Quilla’s The Singing Stones

 The Pangolin Project

The Pangolin Project is a Digital and Live Art Initiative. Six diverse female writer/directors will be commissioned to each write, direct, perform and produce a three-minute film, exploring "How the Pandemic is Changing Me/Us?" And with six other artists, two minutes of interactive live performance. The work will be screened/performed in August in public COVID-safe spaces within the Alexandra Palace, along with ten 60-second Extreme Close-Up films, created in workshops led by Kay Adshead either via Zoom or live. The project is aimed at EVERYONE. If Live Art/Interaction is deemed COVID unsafe, the recorded films will be screened during a hosted, live streaming, sharing live performance via Zoom. The entire project will be published on our YouTube channel.


The project was initially conceived as a placeholder project waiting to get back to live theatre but we have published 16 films on Facebook, and had over 40,000 views views! 



“A passionate concern about oppression.” — Financial Times on Mama Quilla

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