Mama Quilla Productions—Arts for Change

Theatre, film, digital art installations, workshops and print

Artistic Director/Executive Producer: Kay Adshead

Powerful passionate committed piece of theatre that if seen widely enough may change hearts and minds. – The Guardian


This is political theatre at its best. – Scotland on Sunday


Political theatre is alive again.  – Evening Standard

Images from Theatre of Protest, The Roundhouse 2012


Executive Board

Advisory Board

Spotlight neglected human rights issues

Create work that provides a platform for current controversial issues and provokes social debate

Create work that endures, to be published and performed again and again

Explore other cultures, especially non-European

Exploit the talent of hugely experienced but under-employed older theatre practitioners

Tackle the experimental and unknown

Be adventurous with text and form

Move between mainstream high-profile theatre and mixed media performance (video, dance, music, visual art) in unconventional spaces

Challenge stereotyping

Challenge prejudice

Tackle issues traditionally considered of special interest to women

Tackle issues previously considered of no interest to women

Take theatre back into the community

Make invisible people visible

Change things for the better

Artistic Director and Executive Producer: Kay Adshead

Associate Director: Kully Thiarai

Technical Director: Andrew Locke

Young People’s Director: Jody Jameson


Pauline Moran

Cleo Sylvestre

Sarah Niles

Lauren Cato

Josie Welcome

Olusola Oyeleye

Sue Phelan

Cherie Hughes



Becky Hall

Brigit Forsyth

Carol McNicoll

Catherine Bailey

Catherine Lamb

Cheryl Kennedy

Christa Scholz

Helen Wilks

Hermine Demoriane

Katherine Pierpoint

Kika Markham

Liz Crowther

Marjorie Yates

Monika Beisner

Natalia Zagórska-Thomas

Noma Dumezweni

Orit Azaz

Pauline Moran

Philomena Muinzer

Shobna Gulati

Sue Phelan

Tanya Harrod

Tina Gray

Ursula Jones

Victoria Neumark

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