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Artistic Director/Executive Producer: Kay Adshead

Powerful passionate committed piece of theatre that if seen widely enough may change hearts and minds. – The Guardian


This is political theatre at its best. – Scotland on Sunday


Political theatre is alive again.  – Evening Standard

What the Press said: Bones

A co-production with the Haymarket Leicester and the Bush London

“Adshead is that rare species, a socialist feminist who believes in fun as well as getting the politics right.”“Bones is a thrilling and moving theatrical experience.”“Adshead directs her own play, which in the claustrophobic confines of The Bush, feels intimate and experimental.”“Bones is a dream about human possibility in dark times it’s politics daringly suggests that there is an alternative to revenge and recrimination.”“It advocates a way forward that involves taking and confronting the truth of the past.”“By reliving the past we can change the future.– Alecks Sierz, Tribune “Disturbing power, a compelling vividness and a wicked wit… effective and compelling” – The Times

“Potent magic which glues you to your seat” – The Guardian

“Haunting wicked humour…Niles gives a lustrous and supple performance in her double role”  – Time Out

“The play is both amusing and powerful…a testament to how people will always find a way to deal with what they are dealt ... Sarah Niles performs beautifully.” – Laura King, Morning Star

“Joe Legwabe does remarkable things with drum and voice ... Kay Adshead conjures voodoo and suspense aplenty”– Kieran Quirke, Evening Standard

“The recent plays of Kay Adshead that I have seen have had two ingredients in common, a passionate concern about oppression  and an element (in the broadest sense) of the supernatural.” – Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

“The night I went the audience enjoyed the play and Sarah Niles as both the maid and the boy. It was fantastic and great to see a really brilliant British black actress with a juicy part that showcases  her myriad of talent. I think Kay Adshead has written a really gripping play about evil and forgiveness.” – Backstage Blogs, London Lite

“Bones’ insight into a destructive and hidden world makes it stand out against anything else you will see this year” – Shows You Mustn’t Miss, BBC Online

“The overall strength and range of the performances are so vast that the theatre trembles with emotion and intrigue into stunned silence” – BBC Leicester



“The production by Adshead is simple but effective and subtly underscores the play’s spare, yet poetic text.”

“Kay Adshead’s fine new play hides some truly chilling secrets.”

“Truly chilling, ruthlessly disinters the past but also hints at a redemptive future for South Africa”

– The Stage

“Niles is utterly wonderful to watch …painfully moving as the boy…imbibing Beauty with depth and a sly edge. Moran as Jennifer is stoic with just a hint of fragility.”

“Bones depicts the depths of human disgrace the inspirational grace of human forgiveness.”

– Evie Rackham, Rogues and Vagabonds

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